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This rare gemstone is unique and has been selected by our professional gemologists directly from the mouth of the mine.

  • ID #: TZC3779
  • Gem Type: Tanzanite
  • Gem Weight: 5.28 Carat
  • Gem Shape: Trillion
  • Cutting Style: Modified Brilliant
  • GIA Color Grade: vB 6/6 (Hue : violetish Blue, Tone : 6, Saturation : 6)
  • GIA Clarity Grade: VVS
  • Clarity Survey: Flawless
  • Treatments: Heat (routine)
  • Gem Dimensions: 11.40 x 10.24 x 6.88 mm
  • Gemologists Remarks: None

From the mouth of the mine to you

This rare, beautiful gemstone has experienced a unique journey from the wilds of Africa to its eventual owner. We catalog this journey from the mouth of the mine to the far reaches of the earth where it finds it way into the hands of its eventual owner.

Attention to Detail

Direct from the source. Unique Secure Packaging. Free Worldwide Shipping with Fedex, World Class Certification and Documentation.

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