Free Infographic on Tanzanite Color

We have created this infographic for general use to help the consumer better understand how color affects value in Tanzanite Feel free to use it on your site - just please use the licensed embed code we provide to do so.

Nicky Thomas

Gemstone & Jewelry
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The following infographic is an easy to use and understand graphic which explains how Tanzanite color affects value 

FREE Infographic Tanzanite Color.jpg

Use this InfoGraphic for FREE on your Site!

Feel free to use this infographic for free on your site, however the licence we grant you requires that you properly and correctly attribute the work to us by using the following embed code to display the infographic.

Copy and paste this embed code into the html for the page you want to place it on:

<div><a href="/tanzanite"><img src="" alt="FREE Infographic Tanzanite Color"></a></div>


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