The Designer

Sheelagh Zagoritis draws on decades of experience when she creates her designs. Each piece is unique and the process starts with the selection of a rare gemstone and the design created around it. Each piece is then lovingly handmade by our Master Goldsmiths.

Sheelagh has designed and made unique pieces for royalty and celebrities alike. Queen Sonja of Norway has commissioned several pieces for her collection. Others include Sting & Trudie Styler.

Custom Work

Sheelagh welcomes the opportunity to design and make pieces for individuals.

If you would like to choose one of our wonderful loose gemstones and have her design and make you a personal piece,
then go ahead! You'll be surprised at the pricing and quality. Perhaps start by viewing some of her pieces in her portfolio for ideas.

Talk to Sheelagh about a Custom Piece for you

Sheelagh's Portfolio

With over 20 years in design, it is impossible to display all Sheelagh's pieces here.
This portfolio simply serves as a brief showcase of some of her work.

  • Bold, bright and incredibly eye catching. An explosive Mandarin Garnet that radiates with the most sensational striking shards of fiery orange and yellow that emanate from deep within the stone, set classically as solitaire with double claws to keep full focus on that remarkable gemstone. Sensational!

    Spessartite Mandarin Garnet Ring

  • A rich royal blue Tanzanite cushion bezel set in a glimmering white gold bangle. Diamond accents on each side add that little extra all important sparkle.

    Tanzanite And Diamond Bangle

  • A beautiful all natural Kenyan teal Sapphire with wonderful greeny-blue hues set between two stunning Zambian Amethysts each with their own striking purple tones. Set elegantly in delicate yellow gold claws on a fine chain. An elegant pendant specially custom designed and handcrafted to represent three special daughters.

    Sapphire And Amethyst Birthstone Pendant

  • An enchanting, pure green Tsavorite traced in a glimmering Diamond halo with delicate decorative filigree on the under gallery and shank. Extremely elegant and eye catching.

    Tsavorite And Diamond Cluster Ring

  • These beautiful earrings featuring exceptional Tsavorites, their striking vivid green hue intensified by the glowing halo white Diamonds and warm 18k yellow gold. Custom handcrafted to complete a sensational set.

    Tsavorite And Diamond Halo Earrings

  • A striking ring in all respects. Clean masculine lines topped by an intense Tsavorite of exceptional quality.

    Gentleman's Tsavorite Wedding Ring

  • Exceptional glamour at its finest. An incredibly vibrant blue/green Kuranze Tsavorite framed with a glittering halo of fine white Diamonds, pave set into 18k yellow gold that accentuates that gorgeous striking green. Bezel set vivid green Tsavorite brilliants accent the delicate chain at the neckline to complete this stunning piece.

    Tsavorite And Diamond Necklace

  • This petite ring is extremely feminine and delicate. Featuring an incredible velvety, deep blue Tanzanite, clutched by tiny claws in a beautifully detailed socket. Delicate pave set Diamond in the band add that all important sparkle and set off the ring beautifully.

    Tanzanite And Diamond Ring