Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge, Wears Tanzanite.

Kate Middleton - Duchess of Cambridge, seen wearing a striking pair of new Tanzanite Jewelry.

Nicky Thomas

Gemstone & Jewelry
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Kate was seen yesterday, at St. Paul’s Cathedral, London for the National Service of Commemoration. The service marked 13 years of military operations in Afghanistan and honored all those that had served.

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The Duchess who looked wonderful in head-to-toe navy, wore a stunning pair of new Tanzanite and Diamond earrings with a matching pendant from royal warrant holder, G. Collins and Sons. The set is believed to have been a gift from Prince William.

Tanzanite Pendant.jpg

The pendant features a gorgeous 6.3 carat Tanzanite pear, surrounded in glittering Diamonds. The earrings (most likely to be studs) matched in a similar setting. This fabulous set compliments and perfectly matches, her sensational Sapphire and Diamond ring. 

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