Tsavorite The World’s Rarest Garnet

Tsavorite, the world’s rarest garnet; A stunningly beautiful green gemstone that rivals any other green gem. Read on to find out why.

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‘The Rolls Royce of the Green’

Harry Platt, Tiffany & Co, 1967

A relatively new gemstone in terms of market exposure, but it is one of the oldest forming gemstones in the gem kingdom. Forming 2 billion years ago before the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain was even formed and before the dinosaurs trekked the earth.

Kenya Tanzania.jpg
Tsavorite was discovered by British geologist Campbell R. Bridges in 1967 and named by Harry Platt of Tiffany & Company (New York) who immediately recognized its potential due to its gemological pedigree and named it after the Tsavo Game Reserve in Kenya, the area of its discovery.  Though Tsavorite is found in both Tanzania and Kenya, the very finest Tsavorite, with the purest green hues is still only found in Tsavo, Kenya.

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This remote, lion infested bush-land along the Kenya-Tanzania border, an area of raw beautiful African wilderness has a history of violent volcanic activity and due to these volatile geological conditions under which it forms, Tsavorite is only found in relatively small sizes. Stones over 2.5 carats are considered very rare and valuable. 

The Smithsonian Gem Collection’s prize Tsavorite is just 7 carats. The largest, cleanest Tsavorite on record is a 325.14 carat top-color beauty and is valued at over USD$2 million. At The Rare Gemstone Company we have been cutting Tsavorite for over 30 years and have had the pleasure of cutting and holding a number of exceptional pieces in our Tsavorite Collection.

Tsavorite has earned its place as one of the world’s finest colored gemstones. Its high refractive index and dispersion levels translate into wonderful brilliance and it is far less include than its cousin, Emerald.  Its stunning, pure green hues, durability, purity and rareness have attracted gem collectors and jewelry lovers alike. 
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The romance of its origin and the fact that it formed even before dinosaurs trod the earth make it a truly unique and exciting gemstone.


Tsavorite is the highest priced garnet on the market today. In the lower, lighter colored grades it is relatively easy to come by in the up to the one carat size. However, fine, top color, clean Tsavorite is harder to come across, and stones over the two carats are rare, and the price per carat jumps dramatically. Stones with deeply saturate pure green color will command the highest prices. It is vital to make sure you do your research before buying a Tsavorite as there are so many different factors to consider before you purchase. 
GIA Tsavorite Color Chart.jpg


Tsavorite has yet to be synthesized, its complex chemical and physical properties make it difficult to synthesize and it requires no treatments whatsoever to enhance it. 


Tsavorite has a rating of 6.5 – 7.5 on the Moh’s scale of gem hardness and is therefore very durable and suitable for all forms of jewelry. Due to its high refractive index and high dispersion levels, makes this stunning green gemstone incredibly sparkly and eye catching, they really 'pop' when set with Diamonds, as they too have a high refractive index and really compliment each other. 

Tsavorite looks stunning in platinum and both white or yellow gold to create some gorgeous Tsavorite jewelry pieces.

Tsavorite Jewelry.jpg

Tsavorite Jewelry By The Rare Gemstone Company


Tsavorite, the stone of benevolence, vitality, prosperity, vigor and compassion.

° It is believed to be the gemstone that helps one discover the beauty within themselves and others.

Tsavorite is said to aid in the recovery of emotional trauma or illness and supports the cellular regeneration and growth within the body.

° The stone for increasing prosperity and for reducing financial anxieties of the ones who wear it. 

Tsavorite is believed to heal the heart chakra, increasing zest and vitality and inducing feelings of charity and benevolence.

° Meditating with Tsavorite is believed to facilitate communication with higher spiritual realms and increases psychic awareness and intuition.


Being a garnet, it is the birthstone for the month of January and the gem for the 25th anniversary.

"Tsavorite, an extremely, rare un-falsified gift of nature."

Antony Zagoritis, GIA Gemologost at The Rare Gemstone Company


Educated at the University of Exeter and a key part of our team here at The Rare Gemstone Company, Nicky has been fascinated by gemstones and jewelry since childhood. She explores all areas of the industry in her blog and revels in the proximity to gems and jewels that working at the source of some of the world’s most beautiful and rarest gemstones provides her.

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