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Canary Yellow Sapphires are an excellent, more affordable substitute for that Canary Yellow Diamond you have been coveting but can't afford!...

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  • Canary Yellow Diamonds have made a big splash in the jewelry world in recent years. There have been numerous celebrity sightings wearing spectacular jewelry featuring Canary Yellow Diamonds.

  • Canary Yellow Sapphire Celebrity.jpg

  • In 2010, Kate Winslet lit up the red carpet at the Oscars wearing a $2.5 million necklace that was paired with Canary Diamond earrings worth $975,000.

  • Lucy Lui.jpg

  • Lucy Liu at the 2014 Emmy Awards wearing spectacular Canary Diamond earrings that weighed over 50 carats and a 13 carat Canary Diamond ring to match. Their total cost was $6 million.

  • Famous Canary Diamond Engagement Rings include:

  • Celebrity Yellow Diamond engagement rings.jpg

  • “Canary Yellow” is not an official color grading term but it is widely used in the trade to describe the color of a stone. Only intense, pure yellow stones can be “Canary Yellow”.

    Love Them, Can’t Afford Them!

    Yes, we know. They are stunning, but Kate Winslet’s $3.5 million budget may be slightly over most people’s, but this doesn’t mean you can’t be bedecked in something just as beautiful – Canary Yellow Sapphires! Natural, fine, untreated Yellow Sapphire is just as captivating and way more affordable. Jenny McCarthy, for example, loves her Canary Yellow Sapphire engagement ring.
    Jenny McCarthy Yellow Sapphire Ring.jpg

    Got A Special Birthday Or Anniversary Coming Up?

    Sapphire is the September Birthstone and the 5th & 45th Wedding Anniversary Stone and though traditionally blue, why not splash out and go for a yellow one instead!
    Yellow Sapphire.jpg

     Not sure where to find one? At The Rare Gemstone Company you will find a selection of stunning fine yellow sapphire to choose form. We have be mining, sourcing and cutting yellow Sapphire since ... and have a great deal of experience in selecting out the very best.

    Some Other Interesting Reads:

    • Kenya, East Africa produces some very fine natural Canary Yellow Sapphire


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